Empowering Farmers Community: Science And Technology (IbW) for The Region in District Suppa Pinrang South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Rosmini Maru Unm, Amal Arfan, Muhammad Akhsan, Syafruddin Side, Rusman Rasyid, Sudirman, Gunawan Baharuddin


Science and technology for the Region (IbW) in District of Suppa Pinrang aims to: a) gaining their knowledge and skills in improving agricultural and post-harvest processing of the agricultural products; b) implementation of government programs that "picking, process and sale ", and c) find solution to the problems faced by the district government or community and directly affect people's quality of lives. The problems are: a) low level of social welfare in the IbW region especially farmers community, b) the government has not implemented the program "picking, process and sale ", and c) lack of knowledge and skills in the post-harvest processing of agricultural products. The method used is “demplot” done through education, training, mentoring, and service to the farmer community. Education and training are carried out to the group consist 15 persons for 5 days and mentoring regularly every month for 10 months (March-December 2012). The Outputs are: 1) improved skills and changed insight in farming that other crops process can be done as well, and 2) other agricultural products such as: rice flour and “baruasa” traditional cakes.



IbW, District Suppa, Community Empowerment, and Farmers

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