Comparative Studies of Heavy Metals Accumulation in Kidneys and Gills of <i>Clariasgariepinusin </i>River Benue, Nigeria


  • G. M. Gberikon University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue state
  • M. F. Olabanji
  • I. O. Ogbonna


Gills, kidneys, Clariasgariepinus, heavy metals


The concentration of trace metals were determined in the waters, kidneys and gills ofClariasgariepinus(African catfish) from River Benue within Makurdi Metropolitan area using atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The trend of heavy metals accumulation in the kidney cells of the fish was in the order Cr > Ni >Pb> Cu > Al > Cd. Chromium (Cr) was the highest bio accumulated heavy metal while Cd was the lowest. Similarly, in the gills of the fish, trend of heavy metals was (Cr > Ni > Cu >Pb> Al > Cd). In the gills also Cr was the highest bio accumulatedheavy metal and Cd was the lowest. Cu was more accumulated in the gills than Pb as compared to kidneys.Among the two organs (kidneys and gills) of the fish there was no significant difference in the trend of metals accumulated in the organs of the fish. (ANOVA, p > 0.05). The heavy metals in the water are transferred to the kidneys and gills of the fish (Clariasgariepinus) which have an implication for public health due to the fact that fish is a rich source of protein for humans and is widely consumed within this area. River Benue within Makurdi is polluted with heavy metals. Regulatory authorities should ensure adequate treatment of water before consumption


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