Strannik: A Summary or Meta-analysis of Available Published and Unpublished Clinical Data


  • Garkov I G
  • Graham Ewing Mimex Montague Healthcare Limited, Mulberry House, 6 Vine Farm Close, Cotgrave, Notts NG12 3TU
  • Mohanlall R
  • Adam J K


Strannik Virtual Scanning (SVS), Strannik Light Therapy (SLT)


The authors reports a meta-analysis of available published studies, conducted in Spain and South Africa during 2015-2016; and previously unpublished Strannik studies most of which were conducted in the Russian market in the period 1997-2003 by eminent and respected physicians at various medical centres operating mainly in the Russian markets.

This meta-analysis of the use of Strannik technology  includes reports of 24 different studies of various sizes: the smallest being the study by Ewing & Duran (17 patients) and the largest being the study by Ignatiev (3000 patients).


The study reports that , of the 9,800 patients tested using Strannik Virtual Scanning, the test outcomes ranged from 0-21% more accurate than the range of diagnostic tests against which it was compared; and that of over 6,000 patients treated with Strannik Light Therapy which was determined to be circa 76-96% effective treating a wide range of a 30 categories of common medical conditions.


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