Research on the Teaching Task Design of “Reading Circles” in Senior High School Aiming at the Cultivation of Critical Thinking Ability


  • Sun Yaxuan Zigong, China
  • Yun Hong Zigong, China



Reading Circles, critical thinking ability, core competence of English discipline, teaching task design


Critical thinking ability is an important element of thinking ability under the core competence of English discipline. Combined with “Reading Circles”, a kind of group-based and student-centered reading activity, this paper explores the relationship between “Reading Circles” and four critical thinking abilities: focus and definition, analysis and evaluation, reasoning and demonstration, review and correction. Taking the “Reading Circles” task design in The Million Pound Bank Note as an example, this paper expounds the high school teaching design aiming at the students’ cultivation of critical thinking which provides a specific and operable practical example for the development of English “Reading Circles" course in senior high school.


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