Japan's International Education during COVID-19 Pandemic: Show Impact or Face Swift Death


  • Faramarz Samifanni Fukuoka International University of Health and Welfare Fukuoka, Japan




COVID-19, internationalization, private education, student welfare


The Japanese populace are dealing firmly with the Corona pandemic and effectively controlling it through the blockage of national and international travel; and effective advertisement of avoiding public places which are owned by both the government and private sector. There is no doubt that Corona has caused fears of practically everything tied to the human relationship including family ties and interactions of any close encounters, in terms of education, the greatest sector suffering are the private international education institutes since they heavily rely on student enrolments both within Japan for potential students and those schools who rely on foreign students studying in their institutions. Those depending heavily on foreign students would not be able to recruit from abroad and in turn, would be devastated by the lack of income. Also, there are some colleges and international universities that have study or work or short travel abroad programs that they cannot carry out for an uncertain period of time due to this pandemic which has choked the economy of many of these organizations including the companies and institutions connected to them. This paper analyses the current situation in the Japanese education system and look for possible solutions to the problem of Internationalization without international travel.


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