Islam and its Role in Building Society: An Objective Study


  • Majid Ragab Al-Abed Sukar Al-Aqsa University, Palestine





God sent His Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, with guidance and the religion of truth, to guide humanity to goodness and guidance, and to build an interdependent Islamic society that loves each other, through the tolerance of Islam that focused on the first building block of society, namely the family, if the rest of society is reconciled. And if it spoiled the rest of society.                                                                             

In this study, we will shed light on the Islamic directives for building this majestic societal edifice through what was stated in the Qur’an and supported by the pure Sunnah.                    

By God, I ask that he help me through this effort to help my nation, and that God accepts it sincerely for the honorable face.                                                                                                         



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