Ethnic Terrorism as a Political Tactic in Nigeria: Implications for Nigeria’s External Relations


  • Bariledum Kia Facilitator, National Open University of Nigeria, Port Harcourt study Centre


Ethnic, Terrorism, Niger-Delta Millitancy, Boko Haram, External relations


In Nigeria, ethnic groups have established “puppet†terrorist organizations, whose purpose is to act on behalf of the sponsoring ethnic group, to further their interests and to represent their positions in national sphere. Ethnic terrorism as a political tactic explains how ethnic groups effectively wage a low level war against national government without the risk of escalation. By this thesis, ethnic terrorism as experienced in Niger Delta (Militants) and Northern Boko Haram are political tactic, which indeed centre on national question, around which a great deal of all our national life revolves, and in the name of which all sort of crimes have been perpetrated against the nation. This paper gives a brief explanation of Niger Delta Militancy and Northern Boko Haram activities and how ethnic agenda or interest (struggle to control the nation’s resources) contributed to their formation in Nigeria. It further explores possible implications of ethnic terrorism for the nation’s external relations. To address this problem, the paper suggests national dialogue that will encourage national integration and avert ethnic bitterness and violence.



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