Indian Women in IT industries


  • Seema Sharma Punjabi University
  • Sangeeta Nagaich Punjabi University


Women in IT industries, working conditions of women in IT industry, work culture for women in IT industry, job satisfaction for women in IT industry


With the emergence of new economy, the working environment for women in several sectors in developing nations has changed significantly. IT is one of such sector where working conditions for women are better than any other sector. Working conditions at work place are very important for persistence of career, especially for the women. Working conditions are measured in terms of salary, job satisfaction, gender policy, working hours, flexible working hours, work load and work culture and so on. Better working conditions may support the women to continue their career and otherwise may discourage them to continue in their career. Therefore, working conditions at work place has substantial significance for the women. This study is to understand the working condition of Indian women in IT industry.


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