The Comparative Study of the Marriage in Islam and Christianity


  • Rahmatollah Babaei School of Low, Payam – e – Nour University Tehran


Islam, Christian, Marriage, Celibacy


The best way to identify a phenomenon is a comprehensive study and reviewing it, in various perspectives. Comprehensive study and understanding the philosophy of the marriage is not possible without comparison and contrast. One of the most important aspects of this study is the comparison of the marriage in the Islam and Christian. So, the present study, reviews the philosophy of the marriage in Islam and Christian, and then compares them.

The main achievement of this study is that both of these religions believe that the only legitimate way to satisfy the sexual needs, make new generation and gaining love is the marriage. But there is  a fundamental differences between these two religions. Monasticism and celibacy in the Christian has a special position. Christian considers the celibacy as the mean for being near to God, but in Islam the celibacy is completely rejected. Not only the marriage does not block the way to being near to the God, but also it can be the mean to reach the God.




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