Dielectric/Metal/Dielectric Flexible Transparent Electrodes, from Smart Window to Semi-transparent Solar Cells

J. C. Bernède, L. Cattin


The present manuscript is dedicated to In free transparent conductive and
flexible heterostructure electrodes. The new electrodes correspond to
dielectric/metal/dielectic (D/M/D) multilayer structures deposited under vacuum. In the
present work, after a fast review of the general properties of D/M/D electrodes using Ag as
metal, we then develop the study of D/Cu/D multilayer structures. We propose to substitute
Cu to Ag, because it is far cheaper. However, Cu having tendency to diffuse into many
dielectrics it is difficult to obtain stable electrodes. We show that using Cu:alloys, i.e. Cu:Ni
and Cu:Al, as metal it is possible to decrease significantly the Cu ions diffusion and to
increase significantly the stability of the multilayer electrodes with Cu. Finally, we show that
when these electrodes are used as anode in organic photovoltaic cells, they can allow
achieving efficiency similar to that obtained with ITO.


Indium tin oxide free electrode; Transparent conductive electrode; Organic photovoltaic cells

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24203/ajet.v7i3.5710


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