A Methodical Approach in Critical Processes Optimization of New Scalable Package Semiconductor Device for ESD Applications

Antonio Jr. Sumagpang, Frederick Ray I. Gomez


The technical paper presents a systematic approach to deal with a new product trend that will survive during assembly production ramp-up.  The project was intended to determine the required process flow and platforms for high-density and high-complexity scalable device. Critical processes were shown and top reject contributor was addressed through methodological way by using statistical tools and in depth engineering analysis.

The New Scalable Device is one of the newest and latest developed device in the plant, with main application as an Electrostatic Device (ESD) protection device.  The device is considered high density as its 6” single wafer is equivalent to 400,000 units compared to conventional device consisting of only 1,000 units.  Moreover, it is considered as a device with high complexity as state-of-the-art platforms were needed to satisfy its output process.  The device has a very thin die and with the smallest total package dimension.  The process of assembly manufacturing includes a step cutting method of wafers, compression molding, and in-strip testing, which are unlikely to be found on other semiconductor industries.  Compared to the conventional and universal approach, complex errors and top reject contributor of identified critical processes were corrected and required process capability index was ultimately achieved.


Scalable device; semiconductor package; IC; design of experiments; ESD

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24203/ajet.v6i6.5565


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