How does language assessment impart for the Teaching of English as Second Language!


  • Irshad Ahmad Khan Jazan University, Saudi Arabia
  • Bilal Tasleem Vision Institute of Technology Madrak Aligarh, India
  • Parvez Khanday Jazan University, Saudi Arabia



English as second language, Curriculum, ESL assessment, assessment for teaching


English language teaching can never achieve the goal without assessment. The language assessment is inevitable for teaching and learning. This paper argues about the co-ordination between the assessment and teaching. India, the classrooms are often considered as the symbol of pluralism indeed. The student hails from the multilingual and multicultural background, and these features can be used as resource rather than seen as an obstacle. The student learns English as second language and the teacher assesses the language skills. The paradigm of language assessment is explicit to the worth of teaching and learning. It is feasible to measure the language skills of language learners and its influence on the phenomenon of teaching and learning.


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