Utilization of Instructional Materials Developed by the Mathematics Teachers in the Province of Sorsogon, Philippines


  • Albert C Mendiola Matnog National High School, Philippines
  • Aldrin John J. Estonanto Sorsogon State University, Philippines




Utilization, Development, Instructional Materials


Development and utilization of teacher-made instructional materials in local public schools in the Philippines has taken an increase of demand especially during the implementation of the distance education- blended learning modalities in response to the Pandemic. However, in rural provinces, this remains a big challenge. This study investigates the utilization of instructional materials developed by mathematics teachers in public secondary schools in the province of Sorsogon, Philippines. About fifteen teacher-authors and IM developers from different districts and municipalities across the province are the respondents of this study. The researcher made use of mixed method in the analysis and treatment of data. Findings reveal that mathematics teachers developed and utilized instructional materials that are very limited for classroom consumptions in the Division of Sorsogon. It further concludes that teachers encountered difficulty in utilizing instructional materials.



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