Assessment and Evaluation of KOHA ILS for Online Library Registration at University of Jos, Nigeria

Akpokodje Nkiruka Vera, Akpokodje Thomas Edore


Purpose: Advancement in information and communications technology has obligated libraries to embrace automation of library processes. University libraries in Nigeria are in different stages of library automation using different Integrated Library Management System (ILS) which could be either Open ILS or  Propriety ILS .Library registrations in most universities in Nigeria is still done manually irrespective of the category of ILS being deployed, thus, the generation of statistics of  library usage has always been problematic.  This paper evaluates the adoption of KOHA ILS for library online registration at the University of Jos Nigeria.

Methodology: The paper discussed University of Jos automation processes using KOHA ILS, efficient and effective migration strategies from Integrated Technical Services (ITS) for windows  and Virtua ILS’s to KOHA ILS. The study adopted survey design. Questionnaire were used as instrument for data gathering to elicit for ease of use of KOHA ILS for online library registration at the library. The experience of a total of 24 library staff who were involved in the 2014/ 2015 registration exercise was enumerated.

Findings: The paper shows that KOHA was selected at the library out of necessity and not fully planned for. It further enumerated the prospects and challenges faced by the staff involved in the registration processes.  The survey also found that Open Source ILSs are more cost effective than proprietary ILSs . The research enumerated overall staff satisfaction for the use of KOHA ILS.

Results: The use of KOHA ILS will solve the problem of manual processing and untimely statistics generation.  Online registration database gives access to easy and accessible information retrieval in an efficient and effective manner.

Conclusion and recommendation: The migration to KOHA Open access ILS from ITS and Virtua Proprietary ILSs at University of Jos is an astounding experience for the staff of the library and the University community at large. Open access ILS is more cost effective and aids ease of access to information. It was recommended that the software should be moved to the Wide Area Network (WAN) to ease congestion and encourage self-registration from library users.


Koha ILS, library online registration, Automation processes, University of Jos, Integrated Technical Services(ITS) for Windows, Virtua ILS, University of Jos, Nigeria

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