A Study of Current Socio-Economic Conditions of the Tribal Communities in Nilgiris District, Tamilnadu

Selva Kumar D. S., Siva Kumar S.


The Nilgiris is the moderately populated district of Tamil Nadu that has a rich tribal presence.  There are about– tribes living in different parts of the district.  Nilgiris has – lakh tribal people which are just above – percent of total population of Tamil Nadu.  The tribal people differ in their social organisations and marital customs rites and rituals, foods and other customs from the people of the rest of the state.   Most of the tribal people speak in their own languages.   This paper presents a current socio – economic conditions of the tribal groups on the basis of the data collected through field survey and secondary data. The survey covered a random sample of 100 households. This paper reveals that the tribal people of the Nilgiris lacking behind the main stream population with respect to  per capita income, GDP, health issues, social status, expenditure pattern and life style.



Key words:Socio economic condition Tribal community Nilgiris

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