Application of MODIS Data to A Decadal Study of Fire Hotspots and Climate Relationships Over Riau Province Indonesia

Bowo E. Cahyono, Peter Fearns, Brendon McAtee


Riau is the second most prone burned province in Indonesia. Indofire datasets for Riau province show that peak fire is occurred in both wet and dry seasons every year for ten years. Occurring fire has been related to climate parameters i.e. Southern Oscillation indexes (SOI) and precipitation. Correlation between fire and those two climate parameters is evaluated using cross correlation analysis. The results show that the highest coefficient correlation of fire and precipitation is -0.34 for cross correlation lag +2. While coefficient correlation of fire and SOI is peak on -0.28 for calculation of cross correlation lag +2.  This research concludes that in Riau province for a decade evaluation data (2001-2010) both precipitation and SOI best related to the next two months of occurring fire.


Riau province, FHS, precipitation, SOI, cross correlation

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