Magnetic Anomaly at Selected Region in Kufa City, Iraq


  • M. J. Albermani University of Kufa, College of Science, Department of Physics Najaf
  • Arif S. Baron University of Kufa, College of Science, Department of Physics Najaf
  • H. A. Alshamarti University of Kufa, College of Science, Department of Physics Najaf
  • Basim A. Almayahi University of Kufa, College of science, Department of Environment, P.O. Box (21), Najaf, Iraq


WMM 2005, WMM 2010, geomagnetic anomaly, contour maps


In this work numerical simulation of the Earth’s magnetic field at Kufa city, Iraq has developed using WMM model. The geodetic coordinates in this area in WMM2005 and WMM2010 programs are used. High anomaly value in all components of the Earth’s magnetic field in the Jemaah blosh region is discovered. Typical results of the total magnetic field in this area found in the minimum magnitude (45708 NT) and maximum (45700 NT). This anomaly can be attributed oil or cracking in the Earth’s. This area is examined for nine years (2005 to 2013). The results showed that the anomaly increased as linear relationship.



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