Evaluation of Some Trace Metal Levels in the Water, Fish and Aquatic Plant in River Sokoto, North-western Nigeria


  • Musa U. Dabai Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto
  • B. U. Bagudo
  • L. M. Jodi
  • L. Ocheni


Trace metals, environmental pollution, aquatic plant and bioaccumulation


The distribution of trace metals (Fe, Cu, Zn, Pb, Cr and Cd) levels in water, fish (Clarias batrachus) and aquatic plant (Heteranthera callifolia) in River Sokoto was studied to ascertain the extent of pollution of the water body. The analyses of the trace metals in the samples was carried out using the atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) and the results revealed that the levels of Fe, Zn, and Cu in the water, Clarias batrachus and Heteranthera callifolia were within the UNESCO/WHO permissible limits, while the levels of Pb, Cd and Cr were higher or above UNESCO/WHO recommended standards for drinking water.. This may be as a result of runoff from neighbouring farms



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