Chromium Pillared Montmorillonite as Catalyst for Liquid Biofuel Conversion

Robert Ronal Widjaya, Ariadne Laksmidevi Juwono, Nino Rinaldi


Indonesia has many natural resources, one of which is montmorillonite which very potential to be used as a catalyst in the process converting ethanol to biofuel for an alternative fuel. Montmorillonite has unique properties, because the structure can expand and contract. Research to find alternative energy was needed to replace the limited amount of fossil energy. Chromium metal can be used as catalyst by using montmorillonite as buffer catalyst material. The purpose of this research is to make Cr/montmorillonite catalyst, which was used in the process of converting ethanol to biofuel. Cr/montmorillonite catalyst has synthesised by pillarization method, because it is simple and feasible. The conversion process was carried out by using a fixed bed reactor, peristaltic pump for flow the ethanol with flow rate 1 ml/min, and 1.5g Cr/montmorillonite pellets. The Cr/montmorillonite result was increased the basal spacing in the interlayer montmorillonite amount 150%. TGA shows the results water molecules and hydroxyl compounds decomposition process of Cr/montmorillonite in temperature 631°C. The results of the BET analysis show the specific surface area increased from 30.35 m2/g to 146 m2/g. XRF analysis shows the element content in montmorillonite, that was indicated addition of Cr metals in montmorillonite. FTIR measurements shows that the functional groups in bentonite typical peaks are Mg-OH, Si-O-Si bonds. SEM shows changes in the surface morphology particle in montmorillonite, that is for Cr particles in the form of flake. The GC-MS analysis results show the conversion of ethanol to biofuel or gasoline or biofuel.



Chromium; Montmorillonite; Gasoline; Ethanol.

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