Improving Magnetic Properties of BiFeO<sub>3</sub>-BaFe<sub>12</sub>O<sub>19</sub> Solid Solution by Different Sintering Time and Temperatures of Sol-Gel Method


  • Dwita Suastiyanti
  • Yuli Nurul Maulida
  • Marlin Wijaya



magnetic properties, magnetic energy, sol-gel method


Synthesis of BiFeO3-BaFe12O19 solid solution is aimed to enhanced magnetic properties of the material which can improve the quality of multiferroic properties of material. As we know that BiFeO3 is a multiferroic material if it is in single phase but unfortunately it is difficult to produce BiFeO3 in single phase, which can cause a large current leakage arising from non stoichiometric. It used sol gel method to produce BiFeO3-BaFe12O19 solid solution with weight ratio of 1;1. To know magnetic properties, it was used permagraph test which is type of MPS magnet – Physic EP3 – Permagraph L . The sintering temperature was 750, 800 and 850oC for 8, 10 and 12 hours respectively. There is no regularity in increasing and decreasing of remanent and coersivity properties with increasing sinter temperatures and time of sintering but there is an increasing magnetic energy with increasing sinter temperatures and time of sintering. The highest value of magnetic energy, 10.716 GkA/m  belongs to powder sintered at 850oC for 12 hours.


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