A Filed Study of Effect using the Internet on Iraqi Family’s Relationship in Khanaqin City by Using Linear Regression





Linear regression, Internet, Questionnaires, Statistical.


The internet and especially social media are one of the most important means of modern communication among humanity. Undoubtedly, it has played an important role in influencing the cultures of many peoples. It has had positive and negative effects. The effect of this modern technology has extended to the family.  The Sociology defines a family is a group consisting of a man and a woman with whom there is a marital relationship. As a result, many problems have arisen, including all segments of society, including the important part of society and its main constituent, countryside families. In this paper, the main hypothesis was established to show whether there is a statistically significant effect on the Iraqi family’s relationship in Diyala governorate and specifically in Khanaqin city, by using the linear regression equation in SPSS, which shows the effect of the Internet as well as social media sites on them.

Author Biography

Maad M. Mijwil, Baghdad College of Economics Sciences University

Maad M. Mijwel received B. Sc degree on software Engineering from Software Enginerring Dapartment at Baghdad College of Economics Sciences University, Iraq in 2008/2009 and M. Sc degree on Wireless sensor network of computer science from University of Baghdad , Iraq in 2014/2015. Currently he is working Assistant Lecturer in Baghdad College of Economics Sciences University . His research interests include Genetic Algorithm Optimization , Artificial Intelligence Application, Matlab simulation, Machine Learning,engineering education,Language Education, multimedia learning, and Visible Light Communication.


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Mijwil, M. M., & Khazaal, S. M. (2019). A Filed Study of Effect using the Internet on Iraqi Family’s Relationship in Khanaqin City by Using Linear Regression. Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, 7(4). https://doi.org/10.24203/ajas.v7i4.5893




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