Aboodh Homotopy Perturbation Method of solving Burgers Equation.

Oludapo Omotola Olubanwo, Olutunde Samuel Odetunde, Adetoro Temitope Talabi


In this paper, we present a reliable combination of Aboodh Transform and Homotopy perturbation method to determine the exact solution of one dimensional Burgers equation which is a nonlinear partial differential equation. Some cases of one dimensional nonlinear partial differential equations are considered to illustrate the capability and reliability of Aboodh Homotopy perturbation method. We have compared the analytical solution obtained with the available Laplace decomposition method. The solution which is found to be exactly the same. The result revealed that the combination of the Aboodh Transform and homotopy perturbation method is quite capable, practically well appropriate for use in such problems. The method is tested on three examples and results show that the new method is more effective and convenient to use and high accuracy of it is evident.


Aboodh Transform, Homotopy Perturbation method, Burgers equation, Nonlinear Partial differential equation.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24203/ajas.v7i2.5794


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