Chemopreventive Efficacy of <i>Punica granatum</i> and <i>Silybum marianum </i>Extracts on Chemically-induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Rats


  • Hend Maarof Tag Associate prof of Physiology Department of Zoology, Faculty of Sciences, Suez Canal University, Egypt
  • Ahlem Bargougui
  • Sara Gamal Alshayyal
  • Amany Kamal
  • Hekmat M. Tantawy
  • Mohamed Salah El-Naggar



Pomegranate, Milk thistle, Chemoprevention, Liver cancer, Rat


Punica granatum (POM) and Silybum marianum (MT) receiving attention as potential potent anti-oxidant and anti-mutant agents. In this context, the present study was designed to highlight their effects either in vitro as well as in vivo model of induced Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Human hepatoma (HepG2 cells) were treated with MT and POM to explore their antitumor activity then in vivo were carried out on thirty-six male albino rats divided into six groups (n=6). Two weeks after induction of HCC, rats were co-treated with either MT or POM ethanolic extract (500 mg/kg, orally) daily for 8 weeks. The results displayed marked reduction in the viability of HepG2 cells with IC50 equal to 48.4 and 8.6 μg/mL of POM and MT treatment respectively. Considering, in vivo experiment HCC group displayed significant elevation liver function indices (p<0.05). It also elicited depletion of liver reduced glutathione (GSH), and increased content of liver malondialdehyde (MDA) compared to control group. HCC was proved after a significantly elevated alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) level (p<0.05). All of these measurements were diminished significantly after POM and MT treatments, except the GSH level that was increased significantly. Supplementation of pomegranate and milk thistle extracts had a protective effect against chemically induced HCC.



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