Politics of Programme Accreditation for Quality Assurance in Nigerian Higher Education






Politics, Programme Accreditation, Quality Assurance and Higher Education


Quality assurance is an innovation in the educational system. It directs the achievement of goals and revolves around proper, meticulous and timely attention and action on the input–process-output mechanism, by the management. Accreditation of programmes in Nigerian higher education is a means to achieving the desired educational quality in our institutions through the, implementation of government policies by the designated bodies; NUC, NBTE and NCCE. This paper examined the politics of NUC Accreditation of University programmes as an issue of concern in maintaining quality. Politicization of appointments of the head of institutions and lack of uniformity in grading systems were sported as factors militating against quality in higher education. The essence of quality assurance in Nigerian higher   institutions   was also discussed and necessary suggestions made include, accountability in quality assurance dealings, proper lay down rules and regulations for establishment of private universities and systematic approach to accreditation by NUC and other accreditation bodies.



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