Dynamical Studies on the Muon Catalyzed Fusion in the Protium-Tritium Mixture with Very Low Fraction of Tritium


  • S. N. Hoseinimotlagh Pardis Islamic Azdad University of Shiraz, sciences College,physics department
  • B. Halvaeefard Sama Technical and Vocational Training College Islamic Azad University , Shoushtar Branch , Shoushtar


fusion, protium, tritium, muon


A general comprehensive network is proposed for computing fusion yield of   protium-tritium mixture with low tritium fraction. From this network, the kinetics of the mu-atomic and mu-molecular processes preceding the pt reaction in the ptμ molecule is described. The time variations of ϒ quanta and conversion muons and other particles formation in nuclear fusion reactions in ptμ molecules are studied. Our calculations show that optimum value of  muon cycling coefficient at  C t = 0.01 is equal to 106. In this paper, our obtained results from theoretical calculations and experimental data are compared with together and we can conclude that the obtained results are in good agreement with measured values.



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