Unsteady Three-Dimensional Dusty Couette Flow Through Porous Plates with Heat Transfer and Periodic Suction

C. Loganathan, S. Gomathi


The unsteady three-dimensional Couette flow of a viscous incompressible fluid between two porous flat plates with uniform injection and periodic suction has been investigated. Perturbation technique has been used to obtain approximate solutions for the velocity and temperature fields, skin friction and Nusselt number. The velocity and temperature profiles have been plotted to study the effects of different non-dimensional parameters on them. Increasing mass concentration parameter results in an increase in the main velocity. Increase in the frequency parameter results in flattening of the main velocity profiles. The effects of other non-dimensional parameters have also been studied. Furthermore, skin friction and Nusselt number have been tabulated for different values of the non-dimensional parameters.


Slip flow regime, unsteady, porous medium, Couette flow and dusty fluid

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