Occurrence of the Speigleri's Mullet, <i>Osteomugil speigleri </i>(Bleeker, 1858) in the Iraqi Marine Waters, Northwest Arabian Gulf


  • Abdul-Razak M. Mohamed Basrah University
  • Sadik A. Hussein
  • Abdullah N. Abood


Speigleri's mullet, morphometric and meristics characters, SDS-PAGE analysis, Iraq


The occurrence of the Speigleri's mullet, Osteomugil (Valamugil) speigleri is reported for the first time from the Iraqi marine waters, northwest Arabian Gulf. Fish were captured by gill nets during December 2008-November 2009. 26 morphometric and 17 meristic measurements and SDS-PAGE analysis for muscle proteins were applied to describe the species. The results showed that the morphometric data and electrophoresis analysis of proteins were successful in identifying of O. speigleri from other mullets and confirm the presence of the species in Iraqi marine waters.


Author Biography

Abdul-Razak M. Mohamed, Basrah University

Department of Fisheries

College of Agriculture


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