Synthesis and Polymerization of New silane Coupling Agent and Used it as Impact Modifier of Silica Filled Unsaturated Polyester

Widad S. Hanoosh


of this study was to prepare vinyltriallyloxysilane (VTAS) through the reaction of allylalcohol and vinyltrichlorosilane, this monomers was polymerized free radically by using peroxide initiator. The monomer and polymer were characterized by FTIR,TGA and DSC technique. The result show that the polymer has high decomposition temperature. On the other hand  composite of unsaturated polyester filled with untreated and treated silica have been prepared .The surface modification  of the silica was done by using  the prepared silane coupling agent (SCA), the effect of this treatment of filler particles in the polymer matrix was evaluated by mechanical analysis. The result shown that the tensile strength, elongation and impact resistance were improved.


VTAS, Silica particle,commercial unsaturated polyester(UP),filled composites, thermal and mechanical properties

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