Development of Calibration Equation Based on Complex Permittivity of Hevea Rubber Latex

Nor Zakiah Yahaya, Zulkifly Abbas, Muhamad Zamri Yahaya, Amizadillah Norimi, Nik Noor Ashikin Abd Razak, Iskandar Shahrim Mustafa


In rubber industry, the price of Hevea latex depends on the percentage of moisture content. Since water occurs on most materials in nature as a natural component of the material or is introduced during technologies processes, it is quite obvious that mesasurement and control of moisture content have great economic and technical importance. Thus, in this work, measurements of loss tangent have been done using Agilent Dielectric Probe Kit 85070E. The calibration equations have been established between 1 GHz to 5 GHz. It was found to be most accurate at 5 GHz with lowest mean error, 0.07 using the loss tangent method.


Complex permittivity, loss tangent, rubber latex, calibration equation

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