Dual Lipases System in Transesterification of Ethyl Ferulate with Olive Oil: Optimization by Response Surface Methodology

Nurul Jannah Abd Rahman, Salina Mat Radzi, Hanina Mohd Noor


A novel and simple dual lipases system was effectively developed in attaining high performance of ferulate esters by transesterification between ethyl ferulate and olive oil. Enzyme screening revealed 1: 9 w/w of Novozym 435-Lipozyme RMIM to be the most efficient lipases ratio for the reaction synthesis. Response surface methodology (RSM) based on four-factor-five-level central composite design (CCD) was used to study interactive effects of reaction factors: time, lipase dosage, ratio substrates and temperature. A high percent conversion of 94.03 % was achieved under the optimum conditions of 12 h, 87 mg lipases, 1: 2 ratio substrates and 60 C, which compared well with the maximum predicted value of 94.83 %.


Dual lipases system; transesterification; ferulate esters; optimization

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