Estimating Aquifer Transmissivity by the Application of Electrical Resistivity Data and Dar Zarrouk Parameters in Owhelogbo, Isoko North LGA, of Delta State, Nigeria


  • J. C. Egbai Department of Physics, Delta State University, Abraka
  • R. E. Iserhien-Emekeme
  • C. O. Aigbogun
  • Efeya Pius


aquifer parameters, Dar-Zarrouk parameters, Owhelogbo, hydraulic conductivity, Resistivity


Thirteen Vertical Electrical Soundings using Schlumberger configuration with a maximum current electrode separation of 500m was carried out in Owhelogbo to determine the aquifer parameters. The data obtained were analysed first by curve matching before computer iteration to obtain the model parameters in terms of resistivity, thickness and lithology of the various layers. The Dar-Zarrouk parameters were used to obtain the hydraulic conductivity, K from aquifer conductivity σ and longitudinal conductance S. The hydraulic conductivity, Kσ values and the transmissivity of the aquifer layers were obtained for the various locations. VEV 4 and VES 2 have the highest and lowest transmissivity of 330.0m2/day and 140.0m2/day respectively.



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