Combined Natural Convection-Radiation in an Annulus between Two Concentric Cylinders


  • A. Z. Dellil IMSI, University of oran ALGERIA
  • Abbès Azzi


coupled radiation-convection, Finites differences, annular space.


In this work, we intend to solve numerically the impact of the coupling of convection-radiation for a cylindrical and an annular cylindrical configuration in order to improve this heat transfer. For that, we subject the cylinder external with a constant parietal heat flow. The numerical resolution of this system related to their limited conditions was carried out by the finite differences method making it possible to simulate the radiative effect in the annular cylindrical space. Therefore, the aim of our study is to recreate at low-temperature, radiative effects being able to improve the heat transfers in flow patterns (parallel plates and annular cylindrical spaces), representative of the ones seen in electronics or electrotechnics. The results obtained show the absorption of the black body introduced for various positions of the intermediate wall.

Author Biography

A. Z. Dellil, IMSI, University of oran ALGERIA



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