Applied Force Micro Bending Fiber Sensor


  • Jabir Hussein Al-Asadi
  • Bushra R. Mhdi Ministry of Since and Technology, Baghdad
  • Rabi N. Al-Waali


Fiber Optics, Fiber optical sensors, micrbend fiber sensor, Force fiber sensor


Fiber optics sensor technology offers different parameter measurements such as strain, pressure, temperature, current and many more things. A simple, compact, and low-cost optical fiber force  sensor is presented. It consists of a laser source at wavelength 650nm, MMF multimode fiber which pass through micro bending cell .The cell is  applied force in range 5N to 50N,the output signal is measured by power meter and spectrometer. The applied force on the sensor cause optical fiber deformed, which lead to the loss of output light, so the force can be obtained through measuring the variation of light intensity in optical fiber. Static response experiment shows that the fiber-optic micro bend system has fine linear character to the force in the scope of 5-50N.




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