Monitoring of Seasonal Variations in Heavy Metals Concentration in Sirhind Canal, Moga, Punjab, India


  • Simerjit Kaur Rayat-Bahra institute of Engineering & Biotechnology, Mohali campus, Punjab
  • Jasvir Kaur


Sirhind Canal water quality, Heavy metals, water quality analysis, Pb, Fe, Zn, Mn, Co, Cu, Cr, Ni.


During these investigations, water samples were collected from ten different sites of Sirhind Canal along its course in Moga Region, Punjab, India in summer & winter season. The purpose to select this Canal for present research is as very little work has done on water quality analysis of this. Increasing population, Urbanization & Industrialization along its course has been deteriorating the water quality of the Canal. Eight heavy metals (As, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb & Zn) analyzed have shown significant variations in their concentration between summer & winter seasons at ten different study sites. Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES) was used to estimate the concentration of heavy metals in the water samples in both the seasons. Results have shown wide variations in the heavy metal levels varying from high concentration during summer and low concentrations during winter season. The concentrations of all the heavy metals were found to be under the permissible limits of ICMR, CPCB & WHO except Cr that has elevated levels at some study sites. Increased concentrations of Fe, Cr, Cu & Mn at some sampling spots make the situation troublesome. Also, Fe, Cu & Cr have shown significant variation (p<0.05) in their concentration between summer and winter season. In contrast, As, Pb & Zn have shown less variations in both the seasons.


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