Tablet Formulation of The Ethyl Acetate Soluble Extract of Soursop (Annona muricata L.) Leaves


  • Yetri Elisya Poltekkes Kemenkes Jakarta II
  • Leonardus B. S. Kardono
  • Partomuan Simanjuntak


ethyl acetate fraction of the leaves of soursop, Annona muricata L., antioxidant activity, adjuvant anticancer therapy, tablets.


Tablet dosage formulations of the soursop extract containing acetogenins active substances were prepared for adjuvant cancer therapy.This study consisted of the preparation of the extracts and cytotoxic activity evaluation, followed by the tablet formulation. Detection of the acetogenin constituents was judged by LCMS, and the cytotoxicity assays were performed using BSLT, and the MTT assays. BSLT test using larvae shrimp (Artemia salina Leach) aged 48 hours and MTT was performed at the Center for Primate Studies, Institute for Research and Community Service Institute of Agriculture (IPB), Bogor, Indonesia. The antioxidant activity and the stability evaluation of the formula were also observed. LCMS test soursop leaf ethyl acetate fraction showed a wide acetogenin obtained. Initial screening toxicity test with BSLT showed cytotoxic response of highly toxic ethyl acetate fraction with LC50 = 12.188 ppm, whereas in vitro by MTT assay test showed IC50 = 815.922 ppm. IC50 determination of antioxidant activity by DPPH IC50 results soursop leaf ethyl acetate fraction 94.169 ppm. Tablet F1 - F4 with a dose of 1-20 mg produced tablets with good quality test. Stability test was referring to the determination of total acetogenin which is also a marker compounds by spectrophotometric method and calculated Arrhenius equation shows that the age of the tablet product was 2.06 years. Tablets containing acetogenins of soursop leaves ethyl acetate-soluble fraction can be prepared by wet granulation and expected to have benefit for traditional cancer adjuvant therapy.


Author Biography

Yetri Elisya, Poltekkes Kemenkes Jakarta II

Department of Pharmacy


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