Assessing the Performance of Sorghum Varieties in the Guinea Savanna Zone of Ghana


  • S. Lamptey University for Development Studies P.O.Box TL 1350 Tamale, Ghana
  • G. Nyarko
  • A. Falon
  • S. Yeboah


Sorghum, Pannar, Panicle, Grain yield


Two field experiments were conducted at the Faculty of Agriculture Research Farm, University for Development Studies, Nyankpala during the two successive growing seasons of 2011 and 2012 cropping. The objective of the study was to evaluate new hybrids of sorghum (Pannar sorghum) and their level of performance in the Guinea savannah zones of Ghana. The experiment was laid in a randomised complete block design with five treatments for the 2011 seasons and ten treatments for the 2012 season. They were all replicated four times. Parameters measured include plant height, number of leaves, days to 50% flowering, stalk lodging, number of panicle per plot,  biomass at harvest, panicle dry weight, 1000 grain weight and grain yield. From the obtained results, Pannar varieties performed better compared to the landrace in terms of growth and yield parameters. From these studies, famers are encouraged to cultivate more of the Pannar 606 and Macia varieties for higher grain production.


Author Biography

S. Lamptey, University for Development Studies P.O.Box TL 1350 Tamale, Ghana

Agronomy Department- UDS



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