Estimating Some Indicators of Food Security for Rural Households


  • Abo Znemah Saad Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Agriculture, Jerash University, Jordan
  • Tarawneh Radi Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Jerash University, Jordan
  • Shnaigat Saida Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Agriculture, Jerash University, Jordan
  • Khaled Al-Najjar General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research, GCSAR, Syria



Food Security, Food Consumption, Coping Strategies Index, Household Spending


In Jordan, more people are at risk of food insecurity. The levels of food security of households in Al-Balqa Governorate were studied. Food consumption score was estimated by frequency of consumption of food group by household within 7 days. Based on answers from the head of household a food insecurity scale was measured. Coping strategies index was valued to be consistent with that of the World Food Programme. Some of factors affecting proportion of expenditure out of total income on food were examined using a multiple linear regression model. The percentage of food expenditure out of total household income, food consumption score, food insecurity scale for each participant, and index of coping strategies with changes related to food deficiency were estimated. Food insecurity scale, age and income of household accounted for 21% of total expenditure. The relationship between food insecurity scale and age and income of households with total expenditure on food had a medium value of 47%. The effect of food insecurity, age, and income was significant on a proportion of total household expenditure on food with negative regression coefficients. The study concluded that households are characterized by an average level of food security, degree of food consumption is acceptable, a measure of food insecurity for each participant is low and marginal, and food security status of household is of second degree.


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