Effect of Increased Amounts of Fe, Zn, and Cd on Uptake, Translocation, and Accumulation of Human Health Related Micronutrients in Wheat


  • Khwaja G Hossain Mayville State University
  • Nazrul Islam
  • Farhad Ghavami
  • Cheyenne Durant
  • Cherokee Durant
  • Maren Johnson


Distribution, micronutrient, tissues, translocation, uptake, wheat


Agricultural Scientists has lifted the crop production many folds’ overs last 100 years but nutritive quality of crop products has not been addressed accordingly as a result humans in many parts of the world are suffering from malnutrition. The efficient improvement of nutritive quality of important crop species like wheat is dependent on the understanding of the acquisition of micronutrients from soil environment and subsequent translocation and distribution into different tissues. The objectives of this work were to understand the effect of increased concentrations of Fe, Zn, and Cd 1) on overall mineral and metal concentrations, 2) on acquisition, translocation, and distribution of minerals among different tissues, and 3) on the inter-relationship of the minerals and metals as reflected in changing the relationship pattern in wheat. The application of increased concentrations of Fe and Zn resulted in three and 11 folds’ increase of these micronutrients in wheat respectively and significantly increased seed Ca, P, and S contents however acquisition and translocation of 20 mineral elements varied from tissue to tissue. The improvement of major crop species for health-related micronutrient is important for combating world- wide malnutrition problem. The higher concentration of one micronutrient element may not always ensure higher concentration of that element in seed but increase concentration of Fe and Zn may ensure higher concentrations of others important minerals in wheat seed. The results from our research unveiled key aspects on interrelation among some minerals and metals due to higher concentration of Fe, Zn, and Cd application in wheat.

Author Biography

Khwaja G Hossain, Mayville State University

Science and Mathematics



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