Analysis of Willingness to Pay for Agricultural Extension Services by Rural Small-scale Fish and Crops Producers in Kogi State, North central Nigeria: Imperative for Sustainable Agricultural Development


  • U. Onuche Kogi state university
  • S. O. Adejoh
  • O. C. Adah


Agriculture, extension, delivery, system, funding, cost sharing, willingness to pay


Scholars have advocated cost sharing approaches to sustainable agricultural extension services in Nigeria due to poor funding. This study was conducted in Kogi state of Nigeria to: describe the socioeconomic characteristics of small scale farm families, identify types of extension services provided, estimate the amount the farmers were willing to pay for agricultural extension services and examine the determinants of this amount.  Data for the 2009 farming season were obtained from 288 respondents and analyzed using descriptive statistics and OLS regression. Results revealed that the average annual household income of the farmers was 1109.75 USD i.e. 0.44USD/head/day. Furthermore, the farm households engaged in varying combinations of agricultural production and enjoyed a number of extension services but have little confidence in the present extension system. They are willing to pay an average of 1.8 USD per month as counterpart funds for extension delivery. This amount is small compared to the enormous financial requirements of an extension delivery system but is likely to increase with education (t=1.78), income (t=2.54), farm size (2.28), confidence in the present system of extension delivery (t=5.55), and extension contacts (t=8.19). Increased access to farmland, education opportunities and improvement in the present extension delivery systems are recommended.

Author Biography

U. Onuche, Kogi state university

department of agricultural economics, lecturer 2


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