Bioconversion of Banana Pseudostem Fiber to Ethanol: Optimization of Acid Pretreatment Conditions and Fermentation Yeast Selection


  • Chien-Yih Lin
  • Meng-Tzu Peng
  • Yi-Chen Tsai
  • Shwu-Jene Tsai
  • Tsung-Yen Wu
  • Shiuan-Yuh Chien
  • Henry J Tsai Asia University, Taiwan


Banana Pseudostem, Bioethanol, Pretreatment, Fermentation.


The banana (Musa sapientum) pseudostem is a massive agricultural leftover in Taiwan.  Conversion of such agricultural waste into cellulosic alcohol is an appealing idea and the aim of this study. This study optimized conditions for hydrolyzing banana  pseudostem with sulfuric acid during the pretreatment process and selected a best strain of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) for fiber hydrolysate fermentation.  Hydrolysis catalyzed by sulfuric acid reached a plateau at 5% concentration when measuring reducing sugar yield.  Five % sulfuric acid also demonstrated slightly higher sugar to alcohol conversion rate than 4% sulfuric acid during the subsequent fermentation.  The optimal fiber to acid ratio is 3:10 and 30-60 min boiling is sufficient.  Under 3:10 fiber/acid ratio with 4% sulfuric acid and 1 hr boiling, YA yeast can achieve 46% sugar to alcohol conversion rate.



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