Awareness of Biotechnology among Farmers in Lagelu Local Government of Oyo State, Nigeria

A. Ayandiji, O. T. Gureje


The improvements in biotechnology especially in the agricultural sector will not only help place Nigeria among the contributors but also help boost the economic growth of the country. The specific objectives are: (a) to examine the socio-economic characteristics of farmers in the study area (b) to ascertain the farmers’ awareness in biotechnology in the study. (c) to examine the constraints to awareness of biotechnology. The study was carried out in Lagelu Local government of Oyo State. Random samplings were used to select 81 farmers for the study. The data was subjected to descriptive and inferential analysis. Ages of farmers were below 41years of age, and 67.9% of respondents were married. Majority of the respondents advances beyond secondary school education and most respondents were having less than 6 years of experience. About sixty percent of the farmers indicated that only their personal savings as source of capital for their farm business.  Majority of respondents purchased their land for farming and most of the farmers were into livestock farming. Majority of respondents were aware of different biotechnology while some claimed not to be aware and respondents were aware of biotechnology through extension agents, 24.7% have adopted the biotechnology procedure for their agricultural program. All constraints listed were major problems, and conclude that there is still a lack of  awareness of the biotechnology.


Awareness, Biotechnology, Lagelu,

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