Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate Levels on the Performance of Broiler Chickens under Sudan Condition


  • Amani A. B. Osman
  • Asma H. M. Hamed Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Gadarif, Sudan,
  • M. M. Muna
  • S. M. Mysara


Broiler, Performance, Sodium bicarbonate, Heat stress


This study was conducted in New Halfa town, Kassala State, Sudan,  to investigate the effect of supplementing Sodium bicarbonate in the drinking water on the performance of broiler chickens under heat stress. Broiler chickens were randomly assigned to three treatment groups with three replicates of eight birds each. The birds were supplemented ad libitum with 0.5 g/L water sodium bicarbonate (B) and 1.0 g /L water sodium bicarbonate(C) throughout the experimental period during summer(37.3-42 ̊C) and winter (28.2-32.8̊C) and the control group (A) was not supplemented. The duration of the experiment was 45 day.

In the summer temperature caused  reduction in feed consumption, leading to a reduction in live weight while the water consumption was significantly increased. 0.5% sodium bicarbonate in birds water in the experiment of summer did not record any significant differences in body weight, respiratory rate, body temperature and growth rates but in the winter led to a decrease in body temperature and low respiratory rate and a significant increase in body weight and an increase in weight  gain and  feed consumption. When comparing the summer and winter  experiments the results  showed that the low temperature in winter, led to a significant increase in the consumption of feed and weight also led to a significant decrease in respiration rates and body temperature. The study showed that the addition of (0.5%) sodium bicarbonate was superior on all measurements during winter.

Author Biography

Asma H. M. Hamed, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Gadarif, Sudan,

Department of Animal Production,

Associate professor


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